NHSC Rules and Regulations

1. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


3. Keep your shotgun unloaded with the action open until you are on a firing position and the trap house is clear.

4. Keep your gun pointed downrange at all times.

5. Never move from a station with a loaded gun.

6. Wear eye and ear protection while on the trap and skeet fields while shooting, as a spectator or while helping administer shoots or recreational rounds.

7. No shot size larger than #7 ½ is allowed. No magnum loads are allowed.

8. Load only one shell for singles. Load only two shells for doubles or continental.

9. All duds and misfired shells must be removed from club grounds by the owner. Do not leave them on the ground or put them in the trash.

10. Always check the barrel with a ram-rod after any abnormal discharge.

11. Pick up only your empties and only after your squad’s shooting is completed.

12. If an emergency cease-fire is called, all firearms must be immediately unloaded and placed in a gun rack. Do not handle firearms during an emergency cease-fire.

13. Only individuals that are shooting are permitted on the trap field unless they have the permission of the range officer before the round begins.

14. Only individuals that are shooting are permitted on the skeet field unless they are pulling for the group unless they have permission of the range officer before the rounds begin.

15. Only authorized personnel are permitted forward of the 16-yard line.

16. An orange traffic cone on top of the trap house indicates that the machine is under maintenance and that the house is occupied. A mandatory cease-fire will be enforced until the cone is removed and the personnel are out of the line of fire.

17. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to shoot on the trap fields without the supervision of a parent, guardian or designated adult. The range officer cannot be that designee.

18. No one shall discharge a firearm that they are not knowledgeable about or capable of operating. This does not preclude assistance while tutoring. The range officer has full discretion in such matters.

19. Discharging a firearm other than a shotgun is strictly prohibited and offenses will be subject to strict review by the range officer. The Club does not permit discharge of handguns or rifles of any type. Our Club’s Conditional Use Permit only allows discharge of shotguns.

20. No one under the age of 21 is allowed to carry a handgun whether concealed or not, loaded or unloaded, anywhere on club grounds. Anyone else carrying a handgun must keep it holstered unless assisted by a range officer.

21. Never use alcohol or drugs while or before shooting. No one may operate a firearm if they have consumed any alcohol or drugs which may impair his judgment. The range officer has full discretion in such matters.

22. Shooters are to pay for rounds registered on the squad sheets by having their prepurchased shoot cards punched or paying in cash for the rounds with the range officer. Range officers are responsible for the accounting of the squad sheets, the punching of shoot cards and the collection of cash payments for rounds. Shoot cards are available for purchase only at the range office from a Board member or range officer in charge.

23. A round of trap or skeet consists of 25 targets. If a target or target is thrown broken, a replacement target is allowed. Additional targets taken will result in the shooter paying for an additional round of skeet or trap. Refusal to pay for additional target rounds are grounds for termination of membership.

24. Dog owners are responsible for the control of their dogs. The Club is not responsible for damage to firearms or vehicles or injury to other members or guests from the action of a dog owner’s dog(s). The range officer and Board of Directors has full discretion in this matter. If the range officer or Board member asks the dog owner to tether or leash his dog, he must do so or he will be asked to leave the Club premises.

25. The Club is located in a wilderness area and is the habitat for wild animals. Rattlesnakes, coyotes and other animals are present. The Club does not have antivenin in its possession. Please be aware of the possibility of encounters with snakes anywhere on the range. There is no shooting of wildlife unless the animal is deemed a threat.

26. First aid kits are available in the range office/storeroom. Please make yourselves familiar with their location.

27. Fire extinguishers are located by the range office/storeroom. Please make yourselves familiar with their location.

28. The Club has Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as normal days of operation. Range officers must be present during any days of operation including days other than normally scheduled days or no shooting is allowed.

29. Names of recognized range officers are to be posted.

30. Range officers are responsible for the securing of all trap and skeet houses and securing the entry gate upon exiting. If a member has the permission of the range officer, he may secure the entry gate upon leaving.

31. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

32. The speed limit of operation of motor vehicles is 15 miles per hour. Violation of the speed limit is grounds for termination of membership by the Board of Directors.

33. The Club insists and demands all members and guests to be courteous to each other and others present at the club. Discrimination of any sort due to age, race, gender, color or creed will not be tolerated and the violation will be subject to immediate expulsion from the range and permanent membership termination from the Club at the discretion of the Board.